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run further together

Donna & her husband sold their business of 13 years in 2020. Donna, who previously managed finance for the company, decided that her next venture needed to fulfill her desire to help people and give back to the community as well as be something that she LOVES to do. After dealing with the pandemic stress of 2019-2020, she realized that her enthusiasm for exercise to manage stress was infectious and could help others, thus SMRC was born!

Our goal is to be the number one source for running/fitness related items & services in Talbot County as well as to provide a community to people who enjoy running/fitness and are looking for the comradery of others who feel the same.

It is our sincere desire that our store will have a positive effect on the community, enhancing physical as well as mental health through quality products, networks and services.



Donna Archambault, a certified personal trainer, has been a passionate runner for over 30 years. She also enjoys meditation, yoga, Pilates, weight training & power walking. She loves keeping current on the latest fitness & health trends.

Donna lives in Wittman, Maryland with her husband (Shawn), her chessie (Ace), her retriever (Bianca) & her rescue cat (Minnie). She & Shawn have 4 adult children, Alexandra, Rebecca, Rick & Adam, who all enjoy staying active. When she is not fitness focused, Donna enjoys reading, traveling, gardening & cooking.

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